The whole village fell asleep on the road, you will be surprised to know the reason.

There are many places in our world that we have no idea about. There is such a wonderful village. In this village, people, animals and birds all fall asleep suddenly at any time or place. No one escapes this death sleep.

Detailed information about the village

The name of the country is Kazakhstan and the name of the village is Kalachi. People of an entire village sometimes fall asleep on the road while walking, while working at work, even at school. There is no reason for this sleep. Everyone is falling asleep at any time but no one is tired. Some wake up after 6-7 hours, some wake up after 2-3 days. This incident has been happening for nine years.

This is the real reason for sleep 

This rare phenomenon of sleep has made this village known to the world. The whole world has now come to know about this village. Various changes are seen in people after waking up. For example: headache, dizziness after one day of sleep, increased blood pressure, loss of memory, hallucinations etc. What causes this sleep? Scientists could not give any information in this regard. They suspect that all the people in this village have some kind of mental illness due to which they are sleeping like this. Different doctors came to that village from different countries one by one and started doing different experiments. The water, soil, etc. of the village are tested. Brain scans of the villagers show that they have more fluid in their brains and bodies. In medical terms, the presence of fluid in the brain is called edema. But the villagers think that behind their sleep is the wind of the nearby mine. There is a mine next to Kalachi village, the villagers think that they are suddenly falling asleep due to the air of uranium from that mine. But scientists have tested there, and found no excess radiation. Even in the water or soil, no toxic material was found that could cause people to fall asleep. In 2015, the real reason was revealed. Scientists find that it is not radiation but excess amounts of carbon-monoxide and hydrocarbons in the air that make the villagers sleepy.

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