The story of the infamous cannibal in Bangladesh

This man’s name is Khalilullah. He is really a cannibal. There are many cannibals in history. Only a cannibal knows how to eat a man. There are many such stories of cannibals in the world. Such cannibals have been found in the Amazon jungle and in a population in Kongte, Africa. Cannibals have even been found in many parts of Europe.

Khalilullah is the worst cannibal in history

On April 3, 1975, the entire Bangladesh was shocked after reading a box news of Dainik Bangla. A young man eats liver from the open chest of a dead corpse. He eats the liver and flesh of dead people. It took two days for the culprits to move ton off after the news was printed in the headlines. Khalilullah was finally arrested and the man-eating cannibal was sent to Pabna Hospital for psychiatric treatment. He died in 2005.

 The story of Khalilullah becoming a cannibal

Khalilullah wandered around Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Sometimes he also went to the Mitford Hospital morgue. After the post-mortem of the dead, he was satisfied by eating chopped soft meat or liver. The morgue was in the hands of Khalilullah to cut the special meat from the corpse. Even though 2-4 employees of the medical center pulled this sensational incident, they did not care about the incident because they were crazy. Later, there was a stir in the media all over the country. Khalilullah was arrested. Then Pabna was taken to Pagla Garde. He returned to Dhaka after treatment from there. But this time not in the morgue, he took up residence in the Azimpur cemetery. He used to earn his living by begging at the gate of the cemetery. He spent his last life there.

How the name of Khalilullah spread

Arifur Rahman was a student of Dhaka Medical College in 1975. Even if you dream of becoming a doctor, there is a bug in your head. On that occasion, Daily Bangla became a medical reporter and used to visit every room, balcony, alley, department, and grounds of the hospital. Then he came to know that there is a ghost movement in the hospital late at night. At first he dismissed the matter as nonsense. But later two of the medical staff said the matter was true. So out of curiosity Arifur Rahman found an incredible and breathtaking story, which is like running away from the listeners. A man with a body of water came around the body and quietly ate the liver of the dead man. His name is Khalilullah. Then he talked to the students, teachers and staff of Dhaka Medical School and found proof that Khalilullah eats dead people’s flesh. The then young journalists of Dainik Bangla went in search of this sensational incident. They talk to everyone, even meet Khalilullah several times. Psychologists, sociologists make investigative reports based on everyone’s opinion. The April 13, 1975 issue was printed in Dainik Bangla and when the story was printed on the cover of Dainik Bangla’s weekly Bichitra magazine on April 18, 1975, there was an uproar across the country.

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