The position of the mole on the body will tell your personality, and know what happens if there is a mole on the body

We all have moles somewhere on our body. But do you know the meaning of having moles on the body? Having moles on certain parts of the body increases your beauty many times. Not only does it enhance physical beauty, various methods of fortune-telling are described based on ancient scriptures. However, everyone is interested in knowing about this matter.

Science opinion

According to science, a mole occurs when many cells are born together in a certain area of ​​the skin. But the position of faith next to reason gives people a different information, the information that has been going on for ages, according to our astrology, there are moles in different parts of the human body which carry different significance according to their location. There can be different types of moles on different parts of the body. In some cases, it carries good signals and in some cases, it carries bad signals. In today’s video, there is some information about moles for everyone. Let’s know the facts about sesame without delay.

Head:A mole on the right side of the head indicates a good politician. And if his color is red then that person is also likely to become a minister. If this mole is on the left side of the head then the person is a traveller. But having a mole on the top of the head means there is little doubt about her marriage. If a man has a mole on the back of his head, that person will earn a lot of money in life. His married life is happy. He loves his wife a lot. But despite all this, this person is not called any name.

Forehead:Forehead If there is a mole in the middle of the forehead, the person’s intelligence is developed. A mole on the right side can be a very good partner. And a mole on the forehead or on the side means that you are very lucky indeed. Eyebrows: Having a mole on the right side of the eyebrow means that the person is very happy for good deeds and if there is a mole on the left eyebrow then the life of the person is very normal and if there is a mole between the two eyebrows it is considered that there will be turmoil in the world.

Eyelids: If there is a mole on the eyelid, financial prosperity comes in life. If there is a mole on the right eyelid, there is a possibility of early marriage. And all these men have good luck. And it is considered bad luck if there is a mole on the leaves of bakokkh. He can earn a lot of money but cannot save it.

Ear: If there is a mole anywhere in front of the ear, he will live a simple life. He will be able to control the money he earns. They may die by drowning. If he has a mole behind his ear, he will marry a woman from a very rich family.

Sputum:People who have moles on this part of the body are very affectionate and emotional. Such people love to travel. The mole on the right side of the person is rational. And those who have what is on the left speak very clearly. Cheek: A mole on the cheek means that one is intelligent and brilliant. But they can be very angry people. A mole on the nose makes the person very hardworking and a good friend. Their self-esteem is strong. Having a mole on the right side of the nose means that the person has a lot of sexual needs in his life and having a mole on the left side means that the person is working hard in life. If you want to know that information, you must watch the video.

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