Learn about the benefits of rice starch.

We often underestimate and throw away very valuable things. Rice starch is a valuable thing that many of us do not know how to use. Once the rice is done, have you ever left the fan or starch? For the need of starching cotton clothes, sometimes one keeps a fan of rice, but usually throws it away as unnecessary. But, do you know that there is a ‘beauty secret’ in rice fan or rice washing water? Full of vitamins and minerals. Which is beneficial not only for skin but also for hair.

Keeps hair healthy: After shampooing the hair, rub the head well with a rice fan. After leaving it for a few minutes, wash your hair thoroughly with water. Hair will become smooth and shiny within a few days. Those with hair loss will also benefit.

Brings radiance to the skin: Those whose skin is losing brightness, they can also apply rice fan on the face. First wash your face with warm water. Then apply rice fan all over the face with cotton. After a while, wash your face. In addition to restoring the beauty of the skin, it will also tighten the skin. So you can use it to prevent facial wrinkles.

In the treatment of skin irritation and inflammation: Boil some rice and keep the water in a container. If a rash appears on the skin or body, soak it for at least 15 minutes. You will get results.

Eczema is also treated with rice water: Where eczema has occurred, wash thoroughly with rice water. As long as it is not completely healed, it should be applied.

Medicines for diarrhea: If you suffer from diarrhea, mix a pinch of salt in a glass of rice flour and eat it. Stomach will be fixed quickly. Rice fan contains 8 essential amino acids. Helps rebuild muscle. Carbohydrates in it provide energy.

Therefore, instead of throwing away the rice fan, use it. If you feel uncomfortable to spread the fan, you can wash some rice and boil it a little, then cool the water in the refrigerator and spread it. Equally beneficial.

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