How to impress girls/Some tips to attract girls / some tips to propose girls

 We like someone in our life. We can’t keep the words of liking inside our minds, for a while, We want to express. Because only our mind knows that like turns into love. If you are in love with someone like that and can’t talk about love, then there are some tips for you. Read the tips below.

Romantic words to propose
If you love someone and can’t tell her or propose. Then you will never get the person you love. You can try to convince your loved one through various methods. Below are some tips for writing such romantic words, sms, poems, these tips will definitely be useful for you.1. If you live well, I will shine like the moon. If you think of me as your own, I will be like your mind. As a river gives an estuary, I am your likeness2. If you make me crazy with sweet smile and talk, I will disappear with you in the blue of the sky, I have endless hope for you, I want to get your love for the rest of my life.
3. I have decorated this mind with flowers, you will decorate my life, chest full of dreams, chest full of hope, you friend will give me all my love.
4. The smile on your face is good to me, you are the light of my love. As a king has a kingdom I have you, without you my life is just a desert.
5. A sky for wind, an ocean for river, a flower for wanderlust, and you only for me.

SMS to propose to the person you love

1. If loving you is madness, I’ll be mad until I find you. If that makes you hate me, then consider that this is how love works.
2, I found you while searching in life, I fell in love with you while loving, I didn’t know what love is, you taught me.
3 You will understand one day, how much I love you. Maybe that day I will be lost among the stars of that far blue sky. You will understand one day, how much I miss you, that day maybe I will be lost in the sand of the desert. One day you will understand how alone I am without you, that day maybe I will not be in this world, I will be lost in the small corners of the earth.
4. Two people in the world should be loved very much. One is the one who gave birth to you, the other is the one you were born to receive. And you are my second born again to have.
5. The more time we spend with each other, the more I fall in love with you. You are one of the things I want in life.

Tips for proposing through poetry

To propose to your sweetheart, you must be a poet or a man of her heart. If you fail to do these things, then you will never be able to win your lover’s heart. Here are some poems through which you can express your feelings to your girlfriend.
1. Do you really love the question in your mind? All questions float away when you smile.
2. God has given millions of stars in the night sky, will you give my love to my beloved?
3. Hooray of heaven, stay far away. I want to stay forever in your eyes, honey.
4. The sun is far away, yet the earth still gives light to the earth, far away it still gives water to the river, without your company I am immobile.
5. What a beautiful smile on your lips, by God I will keep this life for you, Bazi.

Some other tips

If you like any of your friends, tell them you love them. Although this work becomes very difficult. Because if you want to propose to a friend, then the friend will say, “I don’t really love you, I don’t see you as a friend, or your friendship will be destroyed. To avoid these problems, you can use some tips. For example:1. You can send your friend by creating a beautiful picture to propose. You can express your love beautifully by designing beautiful flowers in that picture. Although the distance between people is more in the modern age, there are various communication media. With the help of which you can send a proposal picture to your friend or lover.

2. There is style to propose. You must master them. Don’t be shy or scared while proposing to a friend or sweetheart. You have to show him how much you love him through your gestures. For example: You can’t feed him the foods he likes to eat or you can gift him the gifts he likes. Also, you can refrain from doing the things he doesn’t like. And can do his favorite things to attract attention. 

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