3,000 buildings in Turkey were buried in the ground

The image above shows how terrible this earthquake was in Turkey. About three thousand buildings were destroyed. Thousands of people lost their lives. This earthquake was so terrible that it destroyed the whole of Turkey.

Turkey earthquake details

After 84 years, the earthquake was so strong that it was felt in the whole of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and even Egypt. Most of Turkey and Syria were shaken around 3:45 a.m. on Monday. The magnitude of this tremor was 7.8 on the Richter scale. 11 to 15 minutes after the first tremor, different parts of Lebanon, Syria and Cyprus were shaken for the second time. According to the BBC, at least 6,500 people have died in Syria and Turkey. Meanwhile, at least 1,000 people have died in Syria. Also 1042 people were injured. Earthquakes are frequent in this country due to its geographical location. But this earthquake was very terrible. In December 1939 in the northwestern region of Turkey 7. There was a magnitude 8 earthquake. At that time 30 thousand people lost their lives. Earlier, there were two earthquakes in January and October 2020. The October earthquake had its epicenter on the Greek island of Samos near Turkey. 24 citizens were killed. And in January, a 9.7-magnitude earthquake hit eastern Turkey, which was also felt in neighboring Syria, Georgia and Armenia. 22 people died. Before this, Turkey was shaken again in October 2011. 138 people were killed and 350 injured in this earthquake. At that time the intensity of the earthquake was moderate. A magnitude 6 earthquake occurred in March of the previous year. About 50 people were killed. And that village was completely destroyed. Thus, various types of small earthquakes have occurred in this country. About 3,000 buildings collapsed and thousands of people lost their lives in this earthquake.

According to geologists

According to geologists, the country rests on two continental tectonic plates apart from its tectonic plate. Those two plates are the European and African tectonic plates. Another plate has come and joined. That is the Arabian plate. Even a slight movement between these plates means the occurrence of earthquakes.

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